Monday, September 30, 2013

Sports Car

Getting into the Sports Car

The basic, inherent features of a sports car are tremendous handling and light weight, but to that you must add many other qualities like speed, excitement and style. Reducing the size of the car and excising the back seat reduces the weight. Agile handling is accomplished with a different frame and engine layout. Consider these observations about sports cars and get to know today’s vehicles.

The Nature of the Sports Car

Accepting the basic nature of the sports car is tough because so many people love them. They are inherently impractical to own and often to manufacture. The utility value doesn’t exactly jump out at consumers. Sales figures usually disappoint car manufacturers. In the beginning, sports cars came out in Europe and Great Britain where aristocrats tooled around in them like kids playing with toys....Read the whole article at...

How Green is Your Hybrid?

How it works

Hybrid, by definition, is power that is produced and independently stored. A hybrid vehicle relies on at least two hybrid power systems, which transfer energy to an electric motor. The end result is the modern day chargeable car.

The Craze

Since the release of the 1997 Toyota Prius, hybrid vehicles have garnered worldwide attention. The new generation is extremely earth conscious and many people are opting to go green. The rising prices of gasoline, combined with the dubious threat of polluted air might explain the new hybrid craze. Many of these vehicles still require trips to the gas station, but these trips are less frequent and the price to fill up is substantially lower....Read the full article at